Rock, Paper, Scissors

     Hello again Sports Fans, it’s nice to be back sharing inside information with you all about the Arizona fall league. First off I would like to thank my teammates Adrian Cardenas and Sean Doolittle for stepping in and sharing their experiences in the Arizona Fall league with all of you, while I was on my two week hiatus. Secondly I would like to congratulate my hometown Philadelphia Phillies on winning the 2008 World Series. From what I have heard from friends and family and also have seen (Chase Utley) there has been plenty of celebrating in and around Philadelphia. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, being a Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers fan loads of disappointment has come my way, so it is nice to be able to witness a Philadelphia Sports Championship.


     Back to the AFL, your Phoenix Desert Dogs are 5 1/2 games up in first place with 10 games left. Well, actually 11 games because an interesting occurrence happened on Friday night while we were playing the Scottsdale Scorpions at Scottsdale. With the temperature dropping into what felt like 30’s or 40’s, the scorpions come to bat in the bottom of the 11th and in the AFL after 11 innings if the score is still tied the game will be called and end in a tie. So with runners on first and second and no outs in the bottom of the 11th the stadium lights decide to completely shut off. This was a humorous event being that the game was already at 4 hour mark and also featured 9 errors, combined between the two teams (So yes, it was not a pretty game). With both teams laughing at the mockery this single game turned into and standing in darkness, our catcher and the scorpions hitter decide to have a “rock, paper, scissors” contest to determine the outcome of the game. Obviously this was just a joke and the game was suspended and will be finished on Wednesday.


     Everyone knows that we only have about 2 more weeks left until our off season begins and for me this off season is already booked up with weddings, Holidays and even a vacation somewhere in there. But honestly the mood in out locker room is fantastic and nobody wants this Fall League to end. Each and everyday we wake up looking forward to heading to the field and playing the game we love. Although we know that the end is near, this week the desert dogs look forward to playing more baseball and to hopefully clinch a championship berth!

Thanks for checking in and I will see you at the Ballpark.









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  1. gsenior21


    love the blog, looks like you and your PDD teammates are doing well. keep it up. I have a couple of questions for you. (1) how come Jared Lansford and Andrew Carignan have not been recruited yet to provide guest blogs. The fans would like to hear from all you guys about your experiences in the AFL. (2) what do you make of your chances of you and your fellow A’s relief core in the AFL for promotion now that there are 4 guys from the A’s 08 bullpen that gone for 09. (3) do you ever get sick of the sunshine 7 days a week. I understand you’re a NJ guy and does it ever get old. Lastly, my sources tell me that your girlfriend was visiting you for Halloween. I also hear she is beautiful girl and she was dressed as a greek goddess. Did she get stampeded by the crowd of dashing runners when the bull blew the airhorn. Is she ok?

    Anyway, thanks for your time and good luck the rest of the way.


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